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Class in a Box #3: Microprocessor Robotics & Basics of Arduino Boards

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This Class in A Box Kit #3 is a complete hands-on Activity / Lesson in a Box. Designed to teach children 10 and up, or anyone interested, the basic skills or Arduino-like boards, microprocessors, and microcontrollers and how to program them. Inside this Class in A Box are multiple lessons used successfully on our very own Bright & Smart Engineering Skills for Kids Summer Camps. Real hands-on parts to build your very own robot! No soldering, hot elements, or power tools needed! Included in the box is a lesson manual, Bright & Smart original designed and manufactured robot parts, Arduino-like board, and pieces to integrate your robot to Legos! This Class in A Box is engineered to allow you to understand these basic programming principles and make a completely hackable robot!. Once you finish this class, you can always check out the Class In a Box #1 Basics of 3D Printing & Design which will teach you how to 3D Design and 3D Print. Using this other Class in a Box, you can design your very own 3D Printable pieces to add onto your robot!

Bright & Smart's primary goal consists of introducing as many children as possible to STEM to help them succeed in the future. Our Engineering Skills for Kids programs, classes, and camps in South Florida attract students from all over the world. This kit is our attempt to extend our technological and education know-how, together with a unique learning experience to those who cannot attend our programs at our current locations. This Fidget Spinner allows you to learn at your pace, from the comfort of your home, in your very own way. Take your time, visualize, experience, and learn what it takes to become part of the next generation of engineers! Parent Supervision might be necessary in some cases due to the complexity of some of the subjects and terms. The only things you need are an open mind, and a willingness to learn!

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