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National Play-Doh Day! (September 16)

Did you know that Play-Doh was originally invented to clean the wallpaper in your house? The putty was invented to clean the coal residue off the walls! As people started switching from coal based heating to natural gas, the putty was no longer needed. If it wasn't for the sister-in-law of one of the inventors reading how children can use the putty to make things, we may never of had the chance to create fun, imaginative designs using Play-Doh! For more information on the history of Play-Doh, visit the Wonderpolis website!


Let's build a tower using Play-Doh as the connectors!

Here's a fun activity that you can do with your children or students in recognition of National Play-Doh Day! See who can build the tallest, sturdiest tower using what they know about building with strong shapes! Go to the Babble Babble Do website for more information!

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