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Computer Science Education week and (the)Hour of Code (Dec. 7-13)

This week, students all around the world will be participating in (the) Hour of Code! It falls during Computer Science Education Week(CSEd) which aims to get students interested and excited about computer education. Four years after the launch of CSEd Week was established, a website was created that would help them facilitate this need and idea.

What is was established by a man named Hadi Partovi who came up with the idea while thinking about his contributions to society and what impact he could leave behind. The website allows students to:

  • Learn coding at any age (even pre-readers!)

  • Explore and be creative while teaching them essential programming principles.

  • Play educational games with their favorite characters from movies, games, and apps

  • Participate in tutorials

One major impact has had is the ability to reach students who otherwise, may not have the means or opportunity to learn how to code. says, "The majority of our students are young women or students from marginalized racial and ethnic groups." All children should be given the opportunity to learn computer science so they may become the future innovators we hope they are destined to be!


Why was this week chosen?

The dates decided to hold CSED week was in recognition of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper's birthday (December 9, 1906). Hopper was an American computer scientist and a United States Rear Admiral.


  • Worked on the Mark I, a computer used in the war effort in the last part of WWII.

  • One of the first programmers to invent a program that converted English terms into machine code.

  • Awarded the National Medal of Technology in 1991

  • Awarded the National Medal of Freedom (the highest civilian award in the U.S) award after her death in 1992.

She was also the first person to coin the term "bug" as it relates to glitches in a computer when a dead mot was found in one!


Coding has definitely evolved through the years!

Programming then:

old punch card

Programming now:

scripting programming




Engineering Let's Code




Even though your children may not understand the work conditionals, they will understand the idea of using it to make sure something happens when it should.


  • Deck of playing cards

  • Pencil and paper


In this activity, your students will practice using algorithms to explain how to play a game of dice!


  • Pair of Dice

  • Paper and Pencil


Students will code their names using binary code and create a fun bracelet to wear!


  • wooden beads

  • string or jewelry wire

  • jewelry clasps


Students will create their own binary alphabet to encode an image that will be decoded by their partner


  • A pencil or colored pencils

  • worksheet provided on the website

For more "unplugged" activities visit or Hour of!

Although "Hour of Code" is an annual event where students and teachers in over 180 countries participate, it does not have to be limited to just that day. You can utilize anytime in your classroom and even encourage your students to visit the website at home. Click here to visit and see what new fun and challenging activities they have for your child!


#STEAM is our Approach

#LEARNING is our Goal We are Bright & Smart


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