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Skyscrapers-in recognition World Engineering Day

Our Posterity = Our Children

Enhancing our children's S.T.E.A.M education is imperative to their success and will help them become innovators of the future.

S.T.E.A.M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

By incorporating hands-on activities into our children's curriculum, it will help them to improve skills like:


Critical Thinking

Independent Thinking





World Engineering Day is March 4, 2022

This day was created with the hopes of...

-Raises public awareness about the contributions of engineers

-Spotlights the importance of STEM principles in everyday curriculum

-Gets our learners excited about engineering

Math and science are the major skills needed to be an effective engineer, but ingenuity and creativity are just as important.


What does a Civil Engineer do?

Civil Engineers design things like roads, tunnels, bridges, and railroads. They understand strength and stability and what forces are at stake when designing these structures.


What is a Skyscraper?

Skyscrapers are true engineering marvels! According to Britannica Kids, "A skyscraper is a very tall building with many stories or floors. Early skyscrapers had 10 to 20 stories. Today, some skyscrapers have 100 stories or more."

When the majority of these structures started being built in Chicago and New York City, they were limited to their height because, structurally, they were only supported by brick and stone. When architects made the switch to steel frames, they were able to design taller, sturdier buildings. One of the first buildings that were constructed using this new method was the Home Insurance Building. It was built in Chicago in 1885.


Explaining what an engineer is and what they do is a great start, but applying the knowledge they learn is even better!

Check out these activities that you can do at home or in the classroom!





Hi everyone! We want to encourage you to keep learning and exploring with us! Go to and check out our blogs and hands-on activities that are associated with each lesson!

We are also starting our Engineering/Coding/Robotics 101 online classes in April, so be sure to sign up early before the classes fill up!

Are you interested in getting more from us? Visit our Patreon page and sign up today!

#STEAM is our Approach
#LEARNING is our Goal
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