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Our Story

Newton had an apple, Einstein an elevator, but most of us found science and engineering thanks to an encouraging teacher, or a smart friend. We had the power, we just needed the chance.

At Bright & Smart we want to teach kids basic engineering skills in a joyful way and facilitate the development of their higher cognitive skills while giving them the opportunity to discover and develop their natural abilities.

We are convinced that our daughters and sons will decide their future based on the opportunities we provide them during their school-age years.

That is why our goal is to develop important social skills; the need to act based on logical decisions, and the discipline of moving forward step by step in an exciting environment where children build and program robots with other kids of similar age.

Children will learn that computers are tools designed with a much brighter future than communications and/or entertainment
, and robots do not always resemble a human-like metal figure but are present in many instances of our daily lives. 

According to Piaget's Stage Theory of Cognitive Development: Children (ages 7 to 11) begin to think abstractly and conceptualize, creating logical structures that explain his or her physical experiences. We believe this is the right time to plant a seed that will sprout by the time kids reach high school.

Compare the number of engineering-like enrichment activities available for children in lower and middle school to the number of extra-curricular activities offered in sports, music, theater, ecology, dance, and other subjects. Does it come as a surprise to know that America being
on top of the industrial world recruits from overseas a large number of engineers in order to compensate for the lack of engineering graduates from colleges and universities in the United States?

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About Us
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