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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our goal at Bright & Smart is to teach kids basic Engineering and Computer Programming Skills and facilitate the development of 21st Century Learning Skills, such as; Information & Media Literacy, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, and Interpersonal & Collaborative Skills.

All engineers know, coding is the language of computers. Using state of the art hardware and software, students will design,  create and learn to communicate with computers. This skill will allow them to program their own interactive stories, games, and animations – and learn how to share their creations on the web.


Coding is all fine and good, but the real fun comes when you can put your code into action! Using a special edition of bricks and a curriculum developed primarily for them, students will learn to designcreate, build, and program an array of robots. Team Work and Passion will be necessary to complete this mission.


3D Printing

Building a robot is fun, but creating unique parts for them is even better! Using a 3D Printer, along with a particular set of Bricks, students will challenge their imagination by designing and printing 3D objects that will be added to their machines. They will need to be creative and persistent in making one of a kind add-on's for their robots!

Apps & Drones

Knowing how to communicate with computers is the first step, but using it to create applications to solve world's problems and to even fly drones and control hover crafts is pure mastery. Using the right software and hardwarestudents will overcome complex challenges using their own code and learn how to share their creations on the web.


A robot more versatile than Lego? Only here with us, students learn how to create one from scratch, using materials such as microcontrollers, servos, electronic components, circuit boards, 3D printed pieces and much more! Students will build their own unique robot and will learn to program it using a programming environment as well as being able to control it with their very own app.


Your child, with Bright & Smart, doesn't just learn all the individual skills of being an Engineer, we teach them everything necessary to be successful in their future. Teamwork, Persistence, Critical Thinking, Innovative Spirit, and Solid Educational Structure. Students will learn all of this and more. The true secrets to becoming the best engineer.

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