Meet The Bright & Smart Team!

Lucy Tamez

Bright & Smart, LLC was created on the premise that all children deserve a STEM education, and therefore we dedicate ourselves to preparing girls and boys in our surrounding communities for a technological future.


We offer them instruction and practice towards creating computer-programming skills while acquainting them with design and robot building skills in a teamwork environment carefully designed for them.


Miss Lucy holds a B.S. in Physics Engineering and has dedicated most of her professional life to middle and high school physics education. For five years, she was Head of the Department of Sciences while as an educator in Mexico.


The fifteen years since she founded Bright & Smart, LLC, she has devoted her time to research, data gathering, software-licenses procurement, curriculum structure, modeling and field-testing of all materials, techniques, and tools for the portfolios that now make up our courses. This includes materials from the MIT Media Lab, Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, Tufts Center for Engineering, Education, and Outreach.


We believe that these skills, techniques, and materials, alongside our mission to bring solid STEM education to all children, will enrich and complement a better-suited program that will allow them to able to deal with newer and ever-changing technologies.

Founder, CEO, & Managing Director

Miss Alba

​Alba Ferraro began her career in education with the Florida Council of Parent Cooperative Preschools and also worked for Miami Dade Public Schools. She began working at Bright & Smart because of her passion for quality education. Alba wanted to be part of a program that uses critical and creative thinking skills, problem-solving, and whole learning. She has a BA degree in Psychology, spent fifteen years as a member of Toastmasters and ten years a volunteer at Catholic Hospice.

STEM Instructor

Miss Caroline

Caroline has a passion for encouraging and empowering children. Through the Bright & Smart curriculum, she can inspire students to ask questions, imagine, plan, create, and improve upon ideas. She has 2 years of experience teaching online. She had 7 years of experience working with people on the Autism Spectrum.  Caroline enjoys making connections with students to teach to their learning styles. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from The State University of New York College at Oneonta. She is honored to be part of the Bright & Smart team! 

STEM Instructor

Miss Folarinle

Bill Gates said, “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important”. My name is Folarinle. I am one of the STEM Instructors with Bright & Smart. I have recently graduated with a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling. For the past five years, I have been working with Bright & Smart training students in coding, engineering, and robotics. I have loved every moment of it. The joy I get from teaching children comes from watching them solve problems and develop their skills in the field of engineering.

STEM Instructor

Miss Janice

​Janice holds a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Wisconsin Stout.

Youth Representative for the White House Conference on Children and Youth. Taught in a variety of special education areas including an Indian Reservation, One room school in Alaska, and Director for a Montessori Daycare Program in Flagstaff Arizona. A leader in Girl Scouts, 4-H programs, and Director for Summer Recreation in Middleton Wisconsin and Elk Rapids Michigan. Restored a 200-year house that was condemned back to its glory in winning a Historic Placement in Montgomery County Maryland as well as co-owned business in Large Tree Moving and Historic Garden Preservation.

Currently working with young children in Engineering projects, science, and robotics at Bright & Smart.

STEM Instructor

Miss Jessica

Jessica is an Alumni of Florida Atlantic University and graduated with a Bachelor in English and a minor in education. She is a former Broward County teacher where she taught elementary school. Jessica has been with Bright & Smart for six years and loves working with kids. “I love the lessons Bright & Smart teaches the kids. Not only do they get to learn about Robotics, programming, and coding, they also learn the importance of working with others and what it means to be part of a team.”

STEM Instructor

Mr. Jose

Jose received his Bachelor of Science from Stony Brook University, where he majored in mathematics, with a concentration in number theory. He is currently a Broward County Public School teacher, teaching high school geometry. He loves puzzles, logic, and pattern recognition. During his free time, you’ll find Jose completing a Sudoku, Ken-Ken, Nonogram, or Hashi puzzle. Jose enjoys teaching children the value of approaching challenges in a logical and systematic manner by analyzing the structure and constraints of a problem. 

STEM Instructor

Miss Olivia

Olivia is currently a mathematics educator in the Broward County School District. Creating the ideal environment for fun and learning is the perfect setting to develop every child’s higher cognitive skills. Her goal is to make this connection as she enjoys stimulating the imaginative and innovative experiences of any child to develop an appreciation for robotics and to cover all aspects of STEM. With a Civil Engineering background, it is no doubt that Olivia loves the great outdoors where she finds robotics as a great way to explore new projects.

STEM Instructor

Miss Randy

I love teaching the Bright & Smart curriculum! I believe that technology is rapidly changing the world we live in and today’s kids will probably have jobs that haven’t been invented yet. The team building, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills that are incorporated into the enrichment programs are essential for success in school and beyond. Bright & Smart birthday parties are awesome and the summer camps are great places to make friends and have fun! What could be better than teaching math, science and engineering, and computing skills with Legos?

STEM Instructor

Miss Shana

"When you are passionate about what you do, you do it well." My name is Shana, and I truly enjoy helping people. Life has been amazing to me. I graduated with my Associates's degree in studying Psychology. To stay in tune with my community, I participate as a member of a community service team. Through Outreach, I get the chance to see the lives of adults and children become changed, frowns ripen into smiles. I joined the Bright & Smart team to expose myself to others who love to live, learn, and grow. It is so refreshing to be a part of a Robotics and Engineering program that puts "children" first!

Public Relations

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