Corporate Workshops

 Our goal at Bright & Smart is to teach kids basic Engineering and Computer Programming Skills and facilitate the development of 21st Century Learning Skills, such as; Information & Media Literacy, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, and Interpersonal & Collaborative Skills.

A day chock-full of educational and entertaining activities for children at corporate events

Choose from a wide variety of activity types and educational material!

Our patently awesome programs have been taught all over the tech industry, become part of the next generation of student Engineers!

Master Builder - Week 2... To hone those engineering & building skills!

Minecraft & 3D Printing - Week 3... Like gaming? designing? creating? This is for you!

Or try our Specialty Camps, specially designed for your child's best experience!

Girl Power - Empower your daughters to become the best and brightest in their field! This program is created for all girls (7-12) to become truly inspired!

Apps & Microcontroller Robotics - Ready to become a true computer engineer? Make your own apps, create complex computers and programs to do anything you put your mind to!

Camp Details

Weekly sessions, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (start and end times vary by location) run throughout the summer at the following Locations:

*Pre and After-Care provided at some locations*

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Your child will:

  • Participate in a split day camp with other children his/her own age group (7-9 or 10-12 or 11-14) doing coding activities in the morning and robotics/engineering challenges in the afternoon.

  • Learn to design, create and program (code) their own interactive stories, games, and animations and how to share their creations on the web. (10-14)

  • Learn to build and program robots using a special edition of Lego bricks (7-12) and/or open-source microcontrollers (11-14), and a curriculum developed especially for them. 

  • Work with small groups where there is at least one instructor for every 8 children.

  • Be presented each day with new and exciting challenges.

  • Perform a demonstration at the end of the weekly session that showcases their newly earned skills and accomplishments. 


*The art of learning to build, and progran (code), machines out of Legos*

For creative, talented and inquisitive girls and boys, ages 7 to 12.