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Let's Code! - Celebrating Computer Science Education Week Dec. 9-15 Vol. 6 #10

Our Posterity = Our Children

Enhancing our children's S.T.E.A.M education is imperative to their success and will help them become innovators of the future.


S.T.E.A.M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

Computer programming falls in line with these concepts because learning to code will help children improve their:


Critical Thinking

Independent Thinking


Problem solving



In our last blog we talked about Computer Science Education Week and the importance of teaching our children to understand computer programming. This week, let's learn more about the website that's making coding exciting and fun for our children!

You may have not heard of, but it is very likely that your children have! The website was established by twin brothers Hadi & Ali Partovi. Hadi came up with the idea while thinking about his contributions to society and what kind impact he was going to leave behind. He wanted to expose all children to computer science and stress the importance learning how to program. lets students participate in tutorials, where they can write small pieces of code using a visual programming language called Blockly. The website gives them the ability to create things like movies, games, and apps some using

characters from their favorite movies

and video games.

The website also launched (the) Hour of Code, which has now reached hundreds of millions of students all over the world!


Although "Hour of Code" is an annual event, remember, it can be utilized any day, any time, any where!




Engineering Let's Code




Let's check out some of the tutorials has to offer!

Pre Reader

Ages 5-8

Ages 6-10

Ages 7-11

Ages 8-12

Ages 9-13

For more tutorials like this please visit


#STEAM is our Approach

#LEARNING is our Goal We are Bright & Smart

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